• Felecia Datus

20 Smart Ways to Save Money on Groceries

You go to the store to pick up a few items. Your mental budget is set to $20.00. You look incredulously at the cashier as he tells you that your total is $56.79. Did he just swipe an item ten times without you looking? Your heart twitches as you swipe your card. How did this happen? As you take your groceries away, you hear your money calling for you like a screaming child who doesn't want to stay at daycare. "No! Come back for us. Don't leave us here! We belong in your pocket!"

It's an all too familiar scene: spending more money at the grocery store than we planned to. Many times, we separate our financial life from spirituality. However, it's all intertwined. Days later, as the offering plate passes you by while you're sitting in church, you think of all of the way you could've managed your money better.

How we spend our money is a reflection of our relationship with God. When we apply wisdom to our spending habits, we will see how far money can go. If we're lazy about budgeting and watching our spending behavior, the scene above will constantly be a reality. King Solomon wrote, "Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth" (Pro.10:4).

"When we love God supremely, temporal things will occupy their right place in our affections. If we humbly and earnestly seek for knowledge and ability in order to make right use of our Lord's goods, we shall receive wisdom from above." (AH 372.2)

At Highland Avenue, we want you to experience the blessings of being frugal in money management. Try these tips to save money when you visit the grocery store next time.

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