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Love Letters

Updated: Feb 17, 2018

Even though we live in a digital age and technology allows us to touch the future, I imagine there's something special about receiving a hand-written love letter. Have you ever received a love letter? Have you written one? What was the experience like? How different would your life be if you received and wrote several love letters every day?

What if every emotion you expressed became a love letter?

I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts. Jer. 31:33

God told Jeremiah the prophet that He would make a new covenant with Israel - He was going to put His law in their minds and write it in their hearts. But what does this mean and what does that have to do with love letters?

Your mind refers to your understanding, intelligence, reasoning capabilities, and your level of thinking. Your heart encompasses your emotions, feelings, and how you experience something. For example, loving God with your mind means knowing who He is and loving Him with your heart means enjoying who He is. God distinguishes between mind and heart in this verse because it's actually possible to have one without the other. A psychopath, for example, may have reasoning abilities but lack empathy or feelings. A person with with severe autism may lack reasoning abilities but can express happiness, sorrow, or anger.

God's law is simply the command to love - or to be like Him. Through this verse, He's expressing that He wants us to know His love and to enjoy His love. To go even deeper, ask yourself: why is God writing His law (love) on our hearts?

Amazingly God is saying that when we have His law of love in our minds (when it directs and governs our thinking, reasoning, and understanding), our feelings and emotions are expressed stamped with God's love all over them. Imagine someone makes you angry. Because God's love is in your mind, when you express that anger, it comes out with love written all over. This means that how you express your anger is different from how the world expresses anger: it becomes a love letter.

If you are feeling sad, frustrated, annoyed, or irritable, God's law of love in your mind allows you to process your thoughts in a graceful way, which then causes you to express those feelings in love. Think about it this way: your feelings are like blank sheets of paper and God's love is like ink in a printer. He places His love (ink) in your mind (the printer) so that when your feelings (the paper) comes out it's covered in His love!

He will write His love on your heart! So, you can give love letters every day by how you express your heart. When our hearts and minds come under the influence of the Holy Spirit, our expressions are stamped with His love.

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