• Felecia Datus

Mid-Week Oasis C.A.R.E. Lesson Guide

February 21, 2018

The following is the guide used in this week's CARE session at Mid-Week Oasis. Study this lesson with a friend or family member and please share with someone else.

Read Job 1

a) What is the Great controversy?

b) What role does the family play in the Great Controversy?

c) What do we learn about Job’s connection with God? His family?

d) How does a parent’s connection with God impact their children? Their family?

e) Can my connection with God become salvific to my family? (Read Luke 5:17-20)

f) Why is Satan allowed to attack Job’s family?

g) What does this show us about Satan and the family in the last days?

h) How can you encourage someone that restoration will come after this?

i) What passage of scripture proves that restoration is possible for the family?

Read John 17 for reflection. Close with prayer.

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