• Felecia Datus

The Christian's Birkin

It’s a tragic truth – many of us are like sales associates who sell Birkin bags.

Hermès Birkin bags are the most sought-after luxury handbags in the world. Waiting lists to purchase a Birkin can be anywhere between two to six years. Prices range from $12k-$300k. Because it’s difficult to attain one and used by those in the highest level of high-class, the Birkin bag is a symbol of wealth. I have one in my closet (in my dream somewhere).

Here’s the twist about purchasing a Birkin: It’s not about the money. Even if you can afford to purchase this rare bag, that doesn’t mean that you will get it. Sales associates determine whether you are “worth” the bag based on factors that extend beyond your bank account and societal status (just being famous isn’t enough). If you walk into a store and ask for a Birkin, you’re more than likely to be told that they are sold out or “there’s a waiting list.” Chances are, you won’t even be allowed to see a Birkin.

However, if you are “worth” a Birkin, suddenly, the “sold out” sign no longer applies to you. If you walk just right, have influence, make other expensive purchases, or have your rich husband say, “I want to give my wife a Birkin as a weekend gift”, you may be lucky enough to get your hands on one.

“Give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name” (Psalm 86:11).

Are you a Christian who is completely sold out for Christ, until the right customer walks in the door? Sometimes, we flatter ourselves believing that we are sold out to Christ – He has our whole hearts, minds, and body…until a high-class sin walks into our lives, then we are willing to give Him up. There have been many times when I pridefully believed that my whole heart was given to Christ, but when a delightful looking temptation came by, I was willing to pull out my heart and sell it.

When your mind is sold out to Christ, it means that because His blood has purchased 100% of your brain cells, you can’t give your mind away to anything or anyone that doesn’t represent Christ. If my heart is completely sold out to Him, when something or someone who doesn’t reflect Christ asks for my affections, I can’t even give a portion of my heart because Jesus bought all it’s devotion and affection. Because your body has been purchased by the blood of Christ, John Doe or Jane Deer can’t have any of you because you are sold out. Our time can’t be given to trivial things because all of our time has been bought by Christ.

How can I do this great wickedness and sin against my God?” (Gen 39:9).

Joseph was completely sold out to God. He recognized that he belonged to the Lord so when Potiphar’s wife wanted to make a purchase, he essentially said, “How could I give you what has already been bought by the Lord? I’m sold out! To give myself to you would be to steal from God. How can I do this great wickedness?”

How can we live sold out lives for Christ?

1. By grace. Christ made the promise that His grace will give us strength to do the impossible (2 Cor.12:9). Ask the Lord for grace to live a sold out life for Him.

2. Reevaluate the things and people you give your time, energy, and affections to. If something or someone is not drawing you to Christ, cut it out. Even if something is not “sinful”, ask yourself if it’s edifying and building you up in Christ. If it’s not, it needs to go.

3. Love. If what you do in life is not out of love for Christ, in light of eternity, it means nothing. By dedicating ourselves to God everyday and immersing in His love and Word, He will lead us to make decisions that flow out of love for Him.

Today, by God’s grace, you and I can live sold out lives for Christ. Our lives are much more valuable than a Birkin, therefore, we can’t afford to give it away frivolously.

At Highland, it's our desire and prayer to be a church that is sold out to Christ. Join us on the journey.

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